Lowenna Luke


Fuelled by coffee and with over 25 years' experience in the secretarial & administration sector, Lowenna is the digital creative at Awenek's heart.

Can also be found covered in mud and/or hay from dealing with her other love - horses!

Helping small businesses definitely sparks joy!

Jamie Luke


Jamie brings a wealth of experience in many different industries.  He gives excellent advice for how to improve your business efficiency through use of technology and/or improving processes.

We are particularly impressed with his abilities to talk "tech" and make a cracking cup of tea.

Tip: don't be a busy fool.

Deefa & Boris

Official Office Dogs

Resident canines, Deefa (r) and Boris (l), love nothing more than their bed, treats, chasing furry/flappy things, or their newly-found love of digging.

Part of the extraordinarily loud alarm system; batteries never run out!

We do digging and rolling in stuff that make the bosses shout.

Cara & Polly

Unofficial Office Dogs

Currently learning the ropes, hence why they're still on probation. Complete inability to control their aural flappages, which often need resetting to default position.

Part of the extraordinarily loud alarm system; provide the "extraordinarily loud" part.

...But it's wet. What do you think we are: terriers?