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I’m besotted.  There, I said it.  You may have seen that we posted about Mailchimp a while ago but since then, I’ve delved deeper into its depths to find out if it really was “just a bulk email” app.

Oh no. It is significantly more complex and thanks to their training programme, I have completed the three qualification courses and am now officially certified to unleash the myriad of features for your business.

Like Awenek, Mailchimp helps small businesses do big things. I’ve learned so much about this powerful marketing tool and I’m going back over my notes to implement as much of it as I can to my own account. 

While the paid account is primarily aimed at businesses that operate an e-commerce site and/or have a contact list of 1,000 or more, the free version is by no means it’s poorer cousin.

There is but one goal and that is to encourage communication with your customers or client-base by making it as easy and hands-off as possible.  If set up correctly, it can only need checking to make sure that the journeys are working and that the content is still relevant – always a good thing to check!

We’ll be offering various packages, starting from setting your account up, to designing templates, scheduling campaigns and automated customer journeys.  We can also offer ways to help plan your content as this is an integral part of not only Mailchimp but any marketing strategy.

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