Email marketing is an invaluable tool in the small business arsenal.

A sweeping statement, but when you consider how much time (and money!) can be spent sending information about new products, services and news, it has the potential to recover that time (and money!).

Email marketing plays a pivotal role in the growth and success of small businesses. It serves as a highly effective means of directly engaging with customers, fostering brand loyalty, and driving sales. Unlike traditional forms of marketing, email allows businesses to communicate with their audience in a personalised and targeted manner. Through tailored messages and relevant offers, businesses can establish a rapport with their subscribers, keeping their brand top-of-mind.

Moreover, email marketing is a cost-effective strategy, offering a high return on investment compared to other marketing channels. With the ability to track metrics such as open rates, click-through rates, and conversions, small businesses can refine their email campaigns for optimal results. In essence, email marketing empowers small businesses to reach their audience effectively, nurture relationships, and achieve their marketing objectives with precision.

As it’s very likely that you already have a list of your customers email addresses, so why not use it wisely? Here are just a few ideas:

  • Customer onboarding
    This can include welcome emails, instructional guides and helpful tips.

  • A regular newsletter
    Sharing your latest news, posts and/or products, helps you stay connected with your customers.

  • Product launches
    Sending out teaser emails can generate excitement about a new product or service.

  • Promotions & Sales
    This is where email marketing excels: limited time promotions. It can also be segmented to target specific audience groups.
  • Re-engagament
    By targetting those customers who haven’t engaged with any of your campaigns, you can create a more personalised campaign to re-ignite their interest.

You may look at some of those and say, well I can do most of those on social media. Well, yes you can, but what happens if your best customer doesn’t have social media? You could have lost your best customer.

Getting technical

Our preferred platforms are Mailchimp (triple certified) and MailerLite (working towards it ), as we feel that they offer industry-leading qualities; we also work with ActiveCampaign and ConvertKit, plus the integrated options within HubSpot and Zoho.


Design & schedule a single email campaign
Requires access to your account
Mobile-ready design*
Ideal for onboarding new audience members.
3-stage customer journey
Includes custom audience segmentation
Mobile-ready design*
Lead capture for specific marketing purposes
Requires access to your account
Mobile-ready design*

* content provided by client.

Each platform operates with slight differences, meaning strategies effective on Mailchimp may not necessarily translate well onto MailerLite, and vice versa. The available options are also dependent on your account plan, so the outlined pricing above serves as a guide and may vary depending on the plan you choose/have chosen. Given this variability, it’s advisable to reach out and discuss your specific requirements, using one of the methods below.