“Why should I have a website?”

It’s a question we’re asked a lot and the answer is always the same: yes!

It’s actually quite simple: having a website shows you’re serious about your business’s future. In today’s digital world, it’s a must for professionalism, accessibility, and staying competitive. Plus, investing in a website signals adaptability and forward-thinking. Sustainable design adds extra value, aligning with eco-conscious trends and enhancing your brand’s reputation. It’s not just about going green – it’s about showing your commitment to a better future.

First things first

Sometimes working out exactly what you want your website to do can be a little overwhelming. We’re more than happy to break out the Good Biscuits and invite you to come and spend some time with us discussing your options. In the meantime, have a look at the list below and hopefully, this should help you outline a brief.

  • Work out what you don’t like
    It does sound counterintuitive but trust us, you might have more of an opinion than you think! This information is really useful to us, when looking at potential design ideas.

  • Who is it aimed at?
    Who is your target audience – the ideal customers or clients? Describe them as a person: their age interests and needs. By making it personal, it will give you a better idea of the content needed and general feel of the site.

  • What’s your timeframe?
    Do you have a launch date in mind? Is there something you’d like to align with? Time of year, business anniversary?

  • What’s your budget?
    Yes, I know it’s a taboo question but it has to be asked. Work out which areas need to stand out and assign more budget there:

    • if your words are important, hire a copywriter;
    • if excellent imagery is essential, hire a photographer or purchase licensed stock imagery;
    • if you have specific website functionality needed, allocate budget towards that, e.g. membership area.
  • Who’s going to maintain it?
    We’ll take care of the overall maintenance but what about content updates? Uploading new products or events? What about blog posts?

Getting technical

Since the beginning of 2024, we are committed to reducing our carbon footprint as a business. Alongside our green statement, we use industry-recognised best practices to create low carbon websites for our clients.

  • We convert imagery to WEBP to create smaller, richer images to make your site faster.
  • We choose design elements that require minimal energy to render, such as simple layouts and lightweight graphics.
  • We use caching mechanisms and implement lazy loading to reduce server loading.
  • We prioritise efficiency over resource-heavy, complicated design elements where possible. If unavoidable, we offer other ways to offset the environmental impact.


We’ve simplified our pricing structure to offer 3 styles, which offer:

  • hosting on our dedicated UK server, run on 100% renewable energy;
  • Sectigo SSL certificate with domain ownership validation & 256-bit encryption for enhanced protection of your website;
  • up to 5 SMTP mailboxes;
  • weekly/monthly updates for WP core, theme and plugins;
  • retained time to be used against any Awenek service (standard & shop only)
  • bolt-on elements are extra; have a look at the list here.
Initial payment of
then £25 / monthly
Ideal for start-ups & first websites
24 month minimum term
One page, multi-sectional website (up to 5 sections)
1 x 10GB mailbox
Initial payment from
then £35 / monthly
Our most popular option!
24 month minimum term
30 minute retainer per month
5 x 10GB mailboxes
Up to 5 pages
Privacy/Cookie/Terms of Use policies included
Initial payment from
then £35 / monthly
For e-commerce sites
24 month minimum term
30 minute retainer per month
5 x 10GB mailboxes
5 standard web pages + catalogue, account and checkout pages
Privacy/Cookie/Terms of Use policies included



The internet would really be a dull place if all websites looked the same, which is why we offer these extras. Most of these, we’ve tried ourselves and some are even on here. This isn’t an exhaustive list either: if we find something exceptional that we feel could add something to our clients’ websites, then naturally we want to share it!

Bolt-ons (pcm)

  • Extra 10GB mailbox £1.50 per month

  • Event listings £15 per month
  • SEO from £150 per month
  • Event uploads POA
  • Product uploads POA

Bolt-ons (one-off)

  • Extra page £150
  • Extra WooCommerce page £190

  • Pop-up contact form £40
  • Product/Event upload template from £90

3rd Party integrations

  • Mailchimp
  • SmartSuite
  • Calendly
  • HubSpot
  • Zapier

These are a just a few popular options but there are thousands of potential integrations, so if there’s something specific, contact us to discuss your options.

All integrations will require an account; some offer a free plan but you’ll need to provide login details to connect.